Stick a Fork in it, EPRDF is dead as we know it


by Zekarias Ezra

Cracks emerge in Ethiopian ruling coalition

There is no EPRDF. There is only the shell under the guise of which Dr Abiy is running the government.

EPRDF, the front that gave birth to the other parties, is dead. It was buried with black ribbons and flags flown at half staff when Meles Zenaw died.

The party had a lot of ups and downs over its history, especially in the last year or so but now EPRDF is dead as a doornail, and it’s all because of its anti-democratic nature. In a word, it is dead because of what it has sown for 27 years – ethnic politics.

EPRDF is an alliance of four parties: SEPDM, ADP, ODP, TPLF.

SEPDM – is slowly disintegrating. The Sidama and the Gurage want their own Killel (State). Once these two are on their own, SEPDM cannot represent them.

ODP – just announced that it will work closely with OLF – once an outlaw political organization that was working for the destruction of EPRDF. This shows ODP cares less if EPRDF is destroyed. In fact, it is working for its destruction. It has more in common with OLF than EPRDF (translated TPLF).

ADP – is in the same boat.

TPLF – The party died with Meles. If it is alive, it is alive in its death bed. It has become obvious that the other parties, ODP and ADP are working in concert for its complete demise.

Here you have it: There is no EPRDF. EPRDF exist by name only. Dr Abiy needs the legitimacy of EPRDF to continue to lead the government. With its complete disintegration, he would have lacked the legal shield to lead the government. That is why, he and his group want EPRDF, even in name only, to continue to exist until the next election or the next political station where they can declare victory and announce its official demise.

Will this be a preferred outcome for Ethiopia? The jury is out.

I, for one, would argue that the sooner the death of EPRDF (TPLF, ADP, ODP, SEPDM,) is acknowledged the better it would be for Ethiopia. The better path for Ethiopia is to quickly establish a ‘Transitional Government’ until the next election. Otherwise, the path the country is on is untenable.

EPRDF (aka Woyane and its chorts) is a rotten to the bone organization, that has transformed itself from a liberation organization to an organized crime (mafia) group.  This is not news to the Ethiopian people. They all should face justice. What makes it a mockery of justice is that the people who were and are still at the helm of power themselves have now become the righteous judge! Justice dispensed under such a cloud of suspicion  will not move us in the right direction as a country. These are legitimate questions.

Are we in the process of booking Ato Haile Mariam? Dr Debretsion? Dr . Workeneh? Ato Demeke? How about the INSA officials including Dr Abiy and Ato Lemma)? I take for granted that Ato Abay, Ato Sebhat etc. need to be booked. What were all doing in their official capacity  when all these events were taking place?

That is why I argue such matters should be left to a duly elected government. Waiting for 2 years is not too bad. We have waited for 27 years. Yes, meantime, a law can be passed to freeze assets and prevent the flight of all EPRDF members.


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