Somali regional council lifts immunity of 12 members


Somali regional council lifts immunity of 12 members.

(The Reporter) — In its ordinary meeting that was held in Jigjig, the capital of the Somali Regional State, the regional council lifted the immunity of 12 of its members.

From the 12 individuals, who are suspected of a number of crimes, six of them have already been placed under custody, according to sources from the region. The list includes Ahmed Abdi (Ilkacase), former vice president of the region, who was briefly assigned following the resignation of AbdiIlley, Mohammed Rashid, former speaker of the regional council, as well as Suad Ahmed, former vice president of the region.

The following are the ones whose immunity has been lifted:

  1. Ahmed Abdi (Ilkacase)
    2.Suad Ahmed Farah
  2. Mohamed RashiidIsaaq
  3. Fartuun Mahdi
  4. MohamoudHeeryo
  5. AyaanGulaandhe
  6. AbdiMahad
  7. KhadarAbdiismail
    9.Abdi Haliim
    10.Maajida Mohamed
  8. Miig Bile
  9. Nasra Hassan

From the aforementioned list, Ahmed Abdi (Ilkacase), former vice president and Fartuun Mahdi, head of Water Development Bureau are reportedly outside the country.

According to sources, eight other officials, who are not members of the regional council,will also be placed under custody for alleged crimes.


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